• Colours may vary from proofs, samples and computer screens.
  • Digital proofs, colours and quality may vary from litho printing.
  • Painting time may vary.
  • All content is assumed to be approved by the client, including all colours, content, errors & omissions.
  • Airvolution Studios/bodypaint.co.za will not be responsible for any mistakes made in proofing, the client is 100% responsible.
  • If a mistake is noticed before painting begins and needs to be corrected then the client will be responsible for all costs in altering that artwork. For example: stencils have been made, but the job has not been run yet.
  • Under no circumstances will Airvolution Studios or any employees be held responsible for any copyright disputes.
  • Proofs are to be signed and dated before painting begins.
  • Proofs can be done via digital printed proof, email or fax, however colours will vary from proof to print and colours can’t be proofed by fax or email.
    – A deposit of up to 75% is required before any work commences. Balance is payable before we start at the event.
  • Quotes are only valid for 14 days from the date on the quote.
  • Airvolution Studios will charge you for design time, regardless of whether or not you go through with painting of the final  product or not.
  • Airvolution Studios is open on weekdays, from 9 am to 6 pm and in special circumstances on weekends – by appointment only.
  • Retainers/Deposits are non-refundable.
  • All content is assumed to be approved by the client in any media.
  • Any right that may be required for any of the content is not the responsibility of Airvolution Studios.
  • Airvolution Studios is not responsible for any malfunctioning equipment, or any damages that may result in our equipment not working on any day of filming, photography, event or any other media.
  • Airvolution Studios may require two (2) weeks notice prior to arranging a date for the event, filming or photography.
  • Airvolution Studios provides no guarantees or warranties whatsoever.
  • It is the responsibility of the client/associate to gain whatever permissions/rights may be necessary for all work done by Airvolution Studios prior to use that may require so. This includes any paintings, logos, footage, pictures and other content, provided by Airvolution Studios or by the client/associate. This is also the case if Airvolution Studios is featured for gain in the final product.
  • Any content provided by the client or Airvolution Studios that is later discovered needs the proper rights to use will be the responsibility of the client and if changes have to be made will be charged accordingly.
  • Airvolution Studios will not be held responsible for any licensing disputes regarding the photography, models and images available on our website.
    We only use professional high quality water-based face paints and cosmetic glitters (e.g. Kryolan Aquacalour, Graftobian).
  • Clean sponges are used for each face/body.
  • Paints are removed easily with soap & water on a cloth .
  • Paints may not be suitable for sensitive skin. (List of ingredients on demand.) Skin tests available to check this.
  • We will not paint over skin conditions or cuts.
  • We follow strict health & hygiene guidelines, and all sponges and brushes are cleaned after every event.
    Who we will paint:
  • Airvolution Studios will not paint on wounds, infections, dirty or sensitive skin.
  • We will not paint children under 2 years  of age or any person unable to tell us they WANT to be painted.
  • Babies under 2 years of age and young children are not suitable subjects, and we may refuse to paint them.
  • We will not paint anyone however young, against their own wishes.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to paint any person or part of a person we feel is unsuitable, or with what we consider to be offensive symbols or subjects.
  • We will not use photos of painted children without parental permission. Photos will only be used for publicity purposes, and copies can be emailed free.
  • If more models/guests want to be painted than we were booked for, we may not manage all in the time quoted. If we can we will stay longer, if you wish to pay the extra cost.
  • We are not there to control or entertain the entire event, although we don’t mind an audience.
  • Clients are responsible for their models at all times. Airvolution Studios will under no circumstances be responsible for any models or models behaviour at event, even if Airvolution Studios supplies the models for the event.
  • We use only top quality, professional water-based products, but they may irritate sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, or allergies, please tell us before we paint you. We may be able to paint on less sensitive areas. We are not liable for any allergic reactions to paint – they are approved cosmetics but NOT hypo-allergenic.
  • A clean sponge is used for each face, and all are machine washed between bookings. Brushes / airbrushes are cleaned with professional soap between bookings.
  • Please arrange a space for us with good light, sheltered from sun, wind and rain. Do not touch, or allow anyone to touch, our equipment. We will not be liable for any damage or injuries in any way whatsoever.
    Removing Paint:
  • Remove painted faces / models bodies with a flannel cloth and soap, not baby wipes (which can irritate skin and may not take off the paint properly) or cleansing lotion.
  • Paint will not survive baths, or overnight (unless on your pillows!). Most paints wash off clothes. We exercise reasonable caution, but are not responsible for damaged clothes or property.
    Payment & Cancellations:
  • Please pay 75% upfront by internet transfer (to Airvolution Studios) or COD (cash) at the event, as arranged in advance. Due to some clients cancelling on the day, or not paying at all, we do require a 75% non-refundable deposit – payable when confirming booking details.
  • All work is done COD unless otherwise stated.
  • Interest of prime plus 2% will be charged on all COD work not paid for within 7 days.
  • All work remains the property of Airvolution Studios until paid for in full, this also means that invoices that contain multiple items must be paid in full before any item is the property of the client.
  • Work in progress will be billed for every 2 weeks according to the amount that has been completed, this is COD and COD terms apply.
    Cancellation Policy:
  • 1 month up to 2 weeks before event : 30% of total booking
  • 2 weeks to 7 days before event : 50% of total booking
  • 7 days to 1 day before event : 75% of total booking
  • no show or cancellation on day of event : 100% of total booking