A few things to consider when doing body painting for an event:

– We need 5-6 hours to complete the painting with up to 3-6 artists on site.

– We need a space at the venue that is large enough for all artists and models to paint in. We do provide drop sheets to keep the area clean.

– We need access to electricity, water and ventilation please.

– Models need to wear flesh coloured, seamless, lycra hot-pants and bikini type tops. Males can wear flesh coloured or white lycra boxer shorts. No body stockings as our paint doesn’t work on material as well as it does on skin. If you need body stockings for whatever reason we need to use different paint so please notify us first.

– The paint will rub off eventually if people are touching or accidentally rubbing past the models. Models do sweat so they will need to keep their arms down for photos.

– We dont supply any other props as we concentrate on just the painting. If props are needed please make other arrangements. We can help you with choosing the right props for the look though.

– Models and artists need to eat during the day – we dont usually add a food charge in but if food isn’t provided we will have to. Models will feel faint if not given food and water while standing still for hours on end.

– If models are late, then we will be late. We unfortunately cannot rush the painting more than the times already specified.

– Is the event indoors or outdoors? Models get cold while we are painting and shiver uncontrollably when too cold, please consider providing a heater or a heated environment.

Please tell us the following information:

When and where will the event take place?

Is there a theme for the event?

How many models are needed?

Should models be painted live in front of an audience or backstage / behind the scenes?

Do you need logos to be integrated into the artwork?

The more detailed your request the more accurate our quote will be.

Feel free to contact us with the above info here.